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Diving Sumatra 2019-03-18T11:10:50-07:00

Diving Palmbeach Krui

The expedition “Diving South Sumatra” will start this fall. After elaboration of the first underwater studies the necessary
Equipment is on the way to Indonesia. For you we discover completely new worlds and penetrate into landscapes that no one has ever seen before. We will begin to measure the coral reefs, underwater maps to create and then we set dive sites for you to name.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever

Diving Sumatra

It will be the right one for everyone. From beginner to advanced. Take your first breaths under water or be an advanced diver at one. Drifting dive inspired by us. Also diving education on The highest level is no Problem in our newly pool. like us on Facebook to always be up to date and dont miss the first underwater photos this winter.

Fun Dives:

There are daily departures with our new boat which was specially designed for diving needs. We drive out in small groups of 2 to a maximum of 6 people for trips of 2 dives each. Our dive sites are scattered all the way up to the small and enchanting island of Pulau Pisang (also called Banana Island). Among the multitude of dive sites, from shallow-water dive sites to reef valleys, underwater coral mountains and drift dives, there is something for every level of experience and preference.

Price for 2 dives: IDR 990.000,

Rental equipment is included in this price. For dive pros with their own equipment and a current membership, there is a 10% discount.

PADI Discover Scuba Diver:

If you’ve always wondered what it feels like to breathe under water, the Discover Scuba Diver experience is the right one for you! And best of all, you can start with it right away.

After a brief introduction to the most important rules of conduct and the equipment, we go directly to our training pool. Under the supervision of an experienced instructor you can familiarize yourself with the equipment and try out the theory in practice in small exercises. Then we go out to the ocean by boat in small groups with a maximum of 4 people. With a buoy as a descend assistant, you can dive to a maximum depth of 12m, under the constant supervision of your PADI Instructor, and have the opportunity to admire the enchanting and unforgettable underwater world of South Sumatra. Once you have been captivated by the fascination of the underwater world and you want to dive deeper, we kindly inform you about further diver trainings.

To sign up for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program, you must be at least 10 years old. You do not need previous experience in scuba diving except basic physical fitness and medical self-assessment.

Price: IDR 1.100.000, –

Teaching materials and equipment are included in this price.

PADI Scuba Diver:

If, due to your budget or vacation time, you have not been able to complete a full PADI Open Water Diver course, then this course is the ideal solution for you. At the end of the course, you will already receive a certification that is valid worldwide and for a lifetime. You can participate in guided dives up to a maximum depth of 12 meters and then easily continue the training on your next holiday.

The course duration is 2 days and includes: theory, 3 pool units and 2 open water dives.

Requirements are a basic physical fitness, a medical self-assessment and the age of 14 years.

The Junior Scuba Diver can be completed at the age of 10 years.

Price: Educational materials, certification fees and rental equipment are included

PADI Open Water Diver (OWD)

This course is your introduction to scuba diving. Upon completion, you will receive a lifetime certification that is valid worldwide and will allow you to dive to a maximum depth of 18m with a certified buddy. Course content:In this course, you will learn all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to safely practice scuba diving. The theory also includes areas such as equipment knowledge and environmental protection. You will gain a better understanding of the behavior of marine life and its importance, and you will learn how to make a valuable contribution to its protection. The course duration is 3 to 4 days and includes: theory, 5 pool units and 4 open water dives. Requirements are a basic physical fitness, a medical self-assessment and the age of 14 years. The junior OWD can be completed at the age of 10 years.Price:Educational materials, certification fees and loan equipment are included in this price.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD):

Are you looking for new challenges and want to improve your diving skills? Then this course is just right for you. This course teaches additional theoretical knowledge and especially practical skills. All in all, you will complete 5 Adventure Dives from different specialized fields with your PADI Instructor. The Adventure Dives “Deep Dive” and “Navigation” are mandatory, the other 3 you can choose from more than 15 Adventure Dives to complete your course.

The course duration is 2 – 3 days and the requirement is a PADI OWD or equivalent Brevet, an age of at least 15 years, basic physical fitness and a medical self-assessment.

The junior AOWD can be completed as of 12 years old.


Educational materials, certification fees and rental equipment are included in this price.

Emergency First Response (EFR) course:

In this course you will learn the steps and techniques to be able to provide adequate assistance in life-threatening emergencies. It includes first aid training for so-called first and second care and emergency treatment. You will learn to assess various injuries and illnesses, how to maintain or regain primary life functions, and how to reduce pain and reduce the risk of further damage. The course content is based on internationally recognized medical standards and they follow the same priorities in caring for a patient as are used by medical assistants.

Training in first aid and CPR (CPR) is not only useful for divers, but for everyone. In addition, this course is one of the requirements for the PADI Rescue Diver.

The course duration is 1 day.

There is no minimum age for attending this course. If the participant is in a position to understand the teaching content and to provide the performance requirements of the practical skills, he can participate in the course.


Teaching materials and certification

PADI Rescue Diver:

This course is one of the most interesting PADI courses, it prepares you to avoid problems and manage dive accidents. Looking back, most divers say that this was the best course they have ever taken. You will learn a lot about topics such as self-rescue, stress detection and appropriate behavior, emergency management, finding missing divers the required equipment for these purposes and much more. Learning skills to properly assess situations, helping others in an emergency situation, and knowing how to protect yourself increases your own self-confidence.

The course lasts 3 – 4 days and gives you the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge into practice in 10 rescue exercises and 2 rescue scenarios.

Requirements are a PADI OWD with 3 Adventure Dives, a PADI AOWD Brevet or an equivalent Brevet, a minimum of 20 completed logged dives, a minimum age of 15 and an EFR (Emergency First Response) or other recognized CPR within the last two years (24 months). In addition, you need basic physical fitness and a medical self-information.

The Junior Rescue Diver can be completed at the age of 12 years.


Educational materials, certification fees and rental equipment are included in this price.

PADI Divemaster:

Make your dream a profession. As a successful graduate of our Divemaster program, a whole new world is at your feet. The beginning of your career as a professional diver is the PADI Divemaster course, which allows you to work in diving schools and dive centers around the world. He is also a prerequisite for the PADI Assistant Instructor and the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. This course extends your diving knowledge and refines your skills to a professional level. You will learn how to dive with certified divers, how to organize them in advance and how to assist your PADI Instructor with training courses. In addition, you will greatly expand your knowledge in the topics of dive theory, physics, physiology and equipment and we will assess your stamina and rescue skills. Practical experience is very important to us, as they prepare you for your future working life and the challenges that will come your way.

Since a well-founded Divemaster training is important to us and you will assist a lot with diving courses, this course is only possible after an arrangement. The course duration is 4 – 6 weeks.


  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or have an equivalent qualification from another training organization) and be a PADI Rescue Diver (or have an equivalent qualification from another training organization).
  • Present an Emergency First Response First and Secondary Care Certificate with completion within the last 24 months (or have equivalent training in First Aid and CPR of another organization).
  • Have at least 40 dives at the beginning of the course.
  • Be able to show a medical certificate of fitness for a diving license which must not be older than 12 months.

Price: Teaching materials, certification fees and rental equipment are not included in this price.