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Surf your own wave in the West Coast of South Sumatra

Surfing Sumatra If you’re looking for a special surf destination, away from the irritating crowds of Bali, surfing Sumatra is the way to go. Surfing Sumatra is especially attractive for the more adventurous surfers and travelers. The surf is very consistent, the water is mostly clean and there are many unexplored surf breaks that are ready to be conquered.
The local people in Sumatra are humble, curious and amazingly friendly and they will contribute to making your surfing Sumatra trip a pleasurable as well as memorable experience.

One of the more popular destinations for surfing Sumatra is the South Sumatra area and particularly the area around Krui. A small stretch of 50km along the Sumatran Coast has been already well explored by surfers. There are many accommodations perfectly tailored to a surfer’s needs between Tanjung Setia and Krui. Hire an automatic scooter and you’ll have an easy access to the best surf spots in the area.

Surfing Sumatra

Way Jambu (Sumatran Pipeline), Ujung Bocur, Mandiri Beach, Honey Smacks, Jennys Point, Jimmys, Krui Left and The Peak are only some of the numerous surf spots that are waiting for you on your next trip surfing Sumatra. Another option would be to crater a boat to Pulau Pisang (Banana Island) and explore the breaks around the island or go for a snorkeling adventure when the waves are flat. Most of the surf spots are only suitable for intermediate or above and beginners will have a hard time to find waves without getting hurt. However, waves like Krui Left or Mandiri Beach can be surfed by beginners as long as the swell is not too big. Since the majority of surf breaks in the area are reef breaks, don’t forget to bring booties and save your feet from getting cut up and infected. Surfing Sumatra is best between March to November with 6-12ft swells. Throughout the rest of the year, the rainy season brings 3-6ft swells. So, if you’re looking for tropical perfection, get out there and book your own Surfing Sumatra adventure.