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Adventure Time


Our PREMIUM package includes everything a surfer could hope for – a 24h on call air-conditioned car with unlimited mileage along the coast of South Sumatra, a surf guide that will accompany you and provide you with the best tips about the surf in the area and a photographer who will document your adventures and unforgettable memories

    • Minimum of 4 passengers
    • Airport transfer included

Booking Price: 99$ USD 80$ USD pro person



Our MID PRICE package includes a motorbike rental and an English-speaking local guide who will give you reliable information about the surf and show you the beauty of the area around our camp. You will sleep in a private two bed room and you have the option to hire a local photographer on a daily basis who will document your trip and capture some of your most memorable adventures.

    • Minimum of 2 passengers and 7 day stay
    • Airport transfer included

Booking Price: 75$ USD 50$ USD pro person



Our ECO Package is the cheapest package option which only includes a rental bike and leaves the rest up to you. You will sleep in one of our dormitories. We provide you with basic information about the area, however you can also decide to hire a local guide or a photographer on a daily basis. As a special of this package we invite you to join one of our peaceful yoga classes.

    • Surf-Guide included

Booking Price: 45$ USD 30$ USD pro person